Above the Timber High Resolution 24K Colorado Topographic Maps for Garmin GPSRs
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Screen Shots and Photos by jack yeazel (Click on photos)

Coverage of the 320 15' Quadrangle Maps in the Set

GPSmap 76S
                    Above the Timber 24K Maps                              Lake Brainard in the Roosevelt National Forest
 The dotted line is a track made from a hike.                      (About 10 miles north of Nederland, CO).

GPSmap 76C
Above the Timber 24K Map    Garmin USA Topo Map Riding the Loop Railroad in Georgetown, CO.
The track is in blue.

zumo 550
Above the Timber 24K Map                   Garmin USA Topo Map                           Garmin City Navigator
Maps of Nederland, CO (About 12 miles west of Boulder)

Nederland Covered Bridge over the Big Spring Creek Shown on two of the Above Maps 

Tracks Around Vicki's Cabin

This map program is professionally produced from USGS DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data, which are points on a 10-meter grid with elevations.  The program has interpolated between these points to produce contour lines.  Also added are high-resolution water data, roads, streets, and forrest service trails.  In taking the above screen shots, the maps were 'mixed' with other Garmin maps without ill effect.

Loading them into MapSource was remarkably 'uneventful' -for a Win-XP machine.  (I wasn't able to load them into a Win-98 machine, but that needs to be confirmed elsewhere.)  One does notice that the roads are somewhat 'fat', but the purpose of the maps are for OFF road trekking.  With these maps in your GPS, I think you would have to 'work' at getting lost!

jack yeazel