Aviation in Africa
From: "Nick Bates" <nick@oim.co.za>

In north-western Tanzania at the lower end of Lake Victoria is Mwanza, 
a small port city, with a long but narrow runway.  A few years back a 
DC-8 crashed trying to land here and the remains are scattered in 
various places around the airport.  Last week, at about 2000 Hrs., 
(in the dark), an Arabian registered B707 cargo aircraft was
landing to pick up a load of fish.  On the first approach the airport
lost power & lost all its lights (a routine experience here), so the
pilot had to go-around until the back-up generators got the lights on.
On the second approach he was much too far to the right & almost took
out the small terminal and control tower.

Missed approach #2. On the third final (approaching from over the 
lake with no visual reference) the control tower called to him "you 
are too low, pull up" to which the Captain replied "don't worry,  
I know what I am doing". About 5 KM short of the runway, he hit the water, 
tore off all 4 engines and gear, but didn't puncture the fuselage.  
With battery power & the taxi light on, they were picked up by a fishing 
boat (no injuries).  The following day, it was still afloat, so a tug 
towed it to shallow water near the airport, where it will probably be 
a beacon for many years.  (Maybe the pilot misunderstood when he was 
supposed to pick up a load of fish!)
(Note the runway in the first picture)

Assembled by: Jack Yeazel