A Collection of Garmin and Magellan GPS World Map CD Sites
(10 May 2003)
From time to time several people have asked me for examples of CD maps in their area of interest.
As I do more captures, I'll add them to the list below.
NOTE: For a comparison of Garmin's World Map v.3 and v.4 to Magellan's WorldWide Basemap , see (HERE)

   Garmin WorldMap Maps        Magellan WorldWide Maps

        Boulder, Colorado          Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado (MapSource USA Topo)Boulder, Colorado (MapSend Topo USA)
          Aachen,Germany       Aachen, Germany
          Ankara, Turkey       Ankara, Turkey
           Baghdad, Iraq          Baghdad, Iraq
          Beijing, China       Beijing, China
         Brasilia, Brazil         Brasilia, Brazil
    Canberra,Australia    Canberra, Australia
    Cape Town,S.Africa     Cape Town, S.Africa
             Caracas, Venezuela    Caracas, Venezuela
           Costa Rica           Costa Rica
    Dakar, Senegal          Dakar, Senegal
    Freeport, Bahamas             Freeport, Bahamas
    Haifa, Israel                 Haifa, Israel
    Havana, Cuba              Havana, Cuba
    Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam    Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam
           India                   India
        Istanbul, Turkey         Istanbul, Turkey
    Kabul, Afghanistan      Kabul, Afghanistan
    LaPaz, Baja Mexico      LaPaz, Baja Mexico
          Manaus, Brazil          Manaus, Brazil
     Mexico City, Mexico      Mexico City, Mexico
             Moscow, Russia        Moscow, Russia
       Sao Paulo, Brazil         Sao Paulo, Brazil
       Singapore             Singapore
        Sofia,Bulgaria          Sofia,Bulgaria
       Sydney, Australia         Sydney, Australia
       Sweden Archipelago         Sweden Archipelago
        Taipei, Taiwan        Taipei, Taiwan
         Tokyo, Japan          Tokyo, Japan
     Wellington, New Zealand   Wellington, New Zealand
    Ystad,Sweden          Ystad,Sweden

Jack Yeazel