Recreational and Car Navigator GPS Sales and Sales Projections

Here is some information sent to me with regard to markets and market projections for various GPS equipment.
Joe Mehaffey, May 15, 2005
Sales of recreational GPS units.

According to Alan A. Varghese, senior director of semiconductor
research at ABI Research in Oyster Bay, N.Y. shipments of recreational
GPS devices were as follows:
2004 � 6.55 million (estimated, based on growth of 31%).
2003 � 5 million
2002 � 3.2 million

Shipments are predicted to grow by 31 percent a year until 2009.

Costs range from $130 to $1,300.

(Source: Recreational Sports sees more use of GPS. By Beth Healy. NY
Times. Gismos For Geeks.)

Portable navigation devices - US sales
300,000 units in 2003
550,000 units in 2004.
Forecast to reach 684,000 in 2005.
Average unit price - $261.
(Source: New camera phones and GPS phones for growing markets. Asian
sources. February 22, 2005.)

The average sales price of a Garmin device was $331 in 2004 but
dropped to $308 in the fourth quarter. (Source: Sales in 4th quarter a
record for Garmin. By David Hayes. The Kansas City Star. Feb 10,

In 2000, GPS had more than 1.5 million users. Its economic impact was
estimated at $6.2 billion. By 2010, its economic value is expected to
exceed $50 billion. (Source: University of Washington Olympic Natural
Resources Center.)

Industry reports

A report from ABI Research, �Satellite Positioning Systems and
Devices.�shows that recreational use of GPS is on the increase. The
report costs $5,000.

Consumer demand for location based services. Published November 2004.
This report is available from Global Information Inc. Price $2495.00.

Market leader.
Garmin has 70% of the recreational handheld GPS market aimed at hikers
and hunters. In 2003 Garmin sold more than 2 million units, up half a
million from 2002. (Source: Garmin has made it big in GPS, in part by
building its own products. If �insourcing� works for Garmin, maybe it
could work for your company. By Arik Kesseldahl. Electronic Buyers
News. 28/12/2004. Open Outsource.)>

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