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by Joe Mehaffey

Note:  The DARK colors are the NIGHTIME colors and the YELLOW screens near the bottom reflect colors
the DAYTIME screens.  Switching can be setup as manual or automatic between Day/Night.
GPS Satellite Info shows available      Above options by pressing MENU
satellites and signal strengths.             while on Satellite Info page

Above options pertain to display performance. Select the AUTO day/nite mode and backlight timeout on battery.

System Setup options are selected from these two pages.                                Above display shows loaded maps.


The above six screens show the various options for setting up display map features and  to add/remove detail
as needed.  Generally we think the defaults work pretty well.

Above show selections for route calculation methods to be used by Quest.  ||  Welcome Screen for user name etc.

System Setup Screens                          Various GPS Mode Select options       Voice Guidance Options

Language Select options (about half)|| Select 12 or 24 hour format                  Select Time Zone

Select resolution mode for tracklog     Enable/Disable tracklog recording      Setup measurement units for GPS

Select distance units                             Select degrees display for windows      Select Grid to be used with your maps

Select Magnetic Heading to be used   Select Vertical speed units to use        Select Map Datum to use

Without a BASEMAP of the local area, when you go to the 8 mile scale, you lose all map data except whatever small amount
of map data (Irish coast outline above is in the USA basemap) and  your personal waypoints and any tracks you may have
put down.  This screen shows the DAYTIME color scheme.

Options for TrackLog setup showing various resolution options available

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